Should Student Feedback Be Used in a Teacher’s Overall Evaluation


It is a well-known fact that students can observe and judge their teachers far more than anyone else. Students can give the correct view about the lectures, teachings, way of teaching and interaction with the students. One way of understanding a teachers performance is from the marks and grades scored by students, however it can’t give the best picture as it differs from each student’s ability to perform well.

Hence, it is better that Student surveys must be taken in overall evaluation of teacher so as to improve the quality of teachers. Feedback from student must be valued and applied. This may help the teachers to work over their inefficiency and give them chance to improve. A teacher can make the future of students, so it is necessary to bring quality education by evaluation of teacher effectively. It will help in improvement and enhancement in level of education.

Student can provide a better review about the knowledge of the teacher i n a particular subject. Sometimes pronunciation and mock problems of teachers are faced by the students. Above all, the most important thing is students must be taught how to evaluate and provide feedback and what things to look for are and how to judge whether their teacher does or does’nt have them.

Feedback from students is an efficient way to bring in quality education. And this feedback must be used in a productive and is to be looked upon as a means for constructive criticism and not affect the career prospects of a teacher.


Online Learning in Higher Education


At Higher education level, students do not have much time to spend in going coaching, tuition and college regularly as most of them will begin looking for part time and small time jobs to stand on their own. Online Learning is cheaper than spending for tuition.

Students may need important course related lectures of the talented teachers who are not residing in their cities. They can apply for online or satellite classes. Several amendments or new things or course added can be searched online. Online learning has a wide scope of teaching methods, courses and course materials availability.

Online learning exposes to wide knowledge. Few institutions and educationalists provide them free of cost in their own websites and in free video sharing websites. Some of the advantages of online learning are easy enrollment for courses, flexible class hours and simple evaluation systems.

Textbooks of several authors are present and that too available in all types of language as e books and in PPTs too. Online learning helps in making several projects and reports. Online Library is a knowledge hub for people from all over the world. News from worldwide can be read online. Online Learning has become popular among the students as it provides with the latest updates.


A Look at the Health Benefits of Fruit


There are many health benefits that you get with the intake of fruits. Each of the fruits has their own benefit and it is important for you to consider these benefits and choose the ones that you think will be beneficial for you. Each of the fruits needs to considered before including them in the diet.

Mango is the fruit that can provide you with excellent taste and it is also called as the king of all fruits. There is a chance for you to get uncountable benefits with the intake of mango. It provides lot of iron. Dates is the fruit that is considered as the source of calories and has many nutrients which include manganese, potassium, iron, Vitamin ? B Complex etc.

The usage of dates can be helpful in reducing the risks associated with heart attack and is a good solution for the problem of constipation. Strawberry is another awesome fruit which can help in improving the immune system of the individuals. This is the fruit that contain good amount of Vitamin C and also antioxidants. The folic acid which is present in huge amount in this fruit can help in producing RNA and DNA. It also fights against cancer. Stained teeth can be made clear by rubbing the strawberries that are cut into two halves.


Barbeque – Tips for a Successful Barbecue


It is not possible always to visit Britain for barbecue but there are certain tips available which can help you in making barbecue enjoyable. The barbecue which can be of great taste can help in providing you with immense pleasure. There are certain things that you need to take care for making barbecues successfully.

The first thing that you need to consider is to make the things organized. It is important for you to have all the ingredients that are necessary for making the barbecue. The raw food that is not cooked should be kept inside the refrigerator so that it do not get spoiled. It is important for you to have the freezer bags which are much larger for marinating the food items.

You should add the food item and then marinate it and keep it in the refrigerator by shaking. You should shake the marinated food items in between until it can be taken for cooking. The kebab sticks that are made out of wood need to be soaked in the cold water for minimum of 30 minutes before using them. This can help in preventing scorching. The flavored oils can be used on fish and meat or even on vegetables that are unseasoned.


5 Big Mistakes Parents And Students Make Before Applying To College


College education is a real turning point in an individual’s life, it plays a major role in deciding an individual’s career and hence it is recommended that parents and students need to avoid making any mistake while applying for a college, as it may affect the chances of a student’s admission into it.

It is necessary for both parents and students to mindset while applying to college, they need to investigate, consult an educationalist and then decide upon a course and a good college for their children’s college education. But sometimes they make big mistakes like these,

1. Due to lack of proper guidance in higher classes, students do not get proper counselling in applying to the right colleges that best fits their grades.
2. Parents often do not keep proper management of money which creates problem at the time of paying fees.
3. Students do not focus and read the instructions and often commit mistakes or leave entries while filling forms.
4. Students are not aware about the last day of form submission and miss the opportunity. Then they have to submit form with late fee and try their luck in other college.
5. Students apply for the courses in colleges what their friends are choosing instead of applying for those for which they are capable and can make future.


Healthy Coffee – How Healthy Is It


There are many health benefits that you get by including coffee regularly into your diet. It is not just energizing and warm but is capable of providing you with all the things that are essential for you in keeping yourself healthy. This drink has the capability for influencing almost every aspect related with your health.

Coffee is capable of making a person smarter. There is an inhibitory neurotransmitter available in brain which is blocked by caffeine. This helps in producing a stimulant effect to the individual who is in taking coffee. Drinking coffee can improve your mood as well as the functionality associated with the brain.

Coffee is helpful in burning fat and also can improve the performance of an individual physically. Caffeine that is present in coffee is capable of increasing the metabolic rate which can be helpful in the mobilizing of fatty acids.

Coffee has the capability of lowering the chance for getting affected by type II diabetes. The drinking of coffee can also help in the lowering of risk in getting affected by the diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Coffee is a drink that is much suitable for the health of your liver. This drink can help in protecting the individuals from various disorders related with liver.


Healthy and Simple Diabetic Recipes


Here are some recipes of the dishes that are much suitable for diabetic people. These dishes do not produce any kind of harm to the individuals. These food items have less calories and carbohydrates.

Chard and Feta Tart is a dish that can be made very easily. The lemon zest, salty feta and briny olives can be added for reducing the bitterness associated with leafy greens that are dark in color. This cracker like crust is something that is much sturdy and can be served as finger food.

The herbed salsa along with grilled chicken is another awesome recipe that is suitable for the people affected by diabetes. The tomato salsas can be helpful in doubling the marinade of the grilled chicken. This amazing dish can be considered as the one that is packed with flavor and has various things like cilantro, chives and oregano.

The salsa tastes amazing with tofu, fish or any meat. This amazing food is much suitable for the people affected by diabetes.
Flank steak that is marinated with tomato herb can be considered as another recipe. For this dish a sauce is made for dual purpose with the ingredients like rosemary, marjoram, shallot and fresh tomatoes. The beef is combined with this soup to make a delicious combination.


Different Engineering Courses To Choose From


Engineering is a technical subject and covers wide areas of manufacturing, construction, technology and such fields. It is one of the best career options to be taken and has been considered as a traditional profession along with a booming career.

There are several engineering courses or branches but some of them which are common and mostly sought after ones are electrical engineering, computer science engineering, chemical, mechanical, civil, electronics and communication, mining, metallurgical engineering etc. These courses can be opted according to the interest, capability and skills.

Some of the different engineering programs which are lesser known and have a good career prospects are

– Marine Engineering
– Aeronautical engineering
– Textile technology
– Ceramic technology
– Industrial engineering

Now, combination courses are available such as Mechatronics where implementing Electronics in Mechanical Engineering field can be studied.

As engineering is a professional degree only if a person has a real aspiration and passion for it, they should take it up else they should not.

Graduate Diploma and post graduate diploma in engineering in these courses are also available. Student may opt for the branch and course in which he/she wants to make future. Students must take guidance, proper counsel, focus and set their minds while applying for the particular course.


Three Reasons to Learn More About Physics


Physics has always been an important field of study and research for more than past 6 centuries and even till now. Many inventions have happened and new technological devices have been created with the aide of facts discovered through physics. And these have really helped for world’s growth and development right from quicker communication to faster transportation.

This increased many facilities and have solved many complex real life problems for people.We can see that almost everything around us is connected with physics. It is the study of natural science which includes matter, motion, energy, force, etc. It is quite interesting as each and every thing taken from a light bulb to cell phones involve physics. It analyses the data and solves the problem of sciences.

Three reasons to learn more about physics are –

1. Physics has opened several career options and one has a great future in this field.
2. Physics helps us to know about the surroundings and how does it work around us.
3. Physics serve as a basis for several modern technologies in today?s world.
These reasons state that physics is an important part of our life. Study of this subject in detail and in depth will lead to individual success and development of the world.


Tips to Choosing Online College Courses


Online education is getting very popular these days and has a lot of courses to offer to choose from highly reputed institutions and apart from this also has its own advantages for students opting for it.While applying for the online college courses, one must pay attention and focus while opting for a course.

Tips to choose online college courses online are –

– Explore and search the reliable college websites to know the list of courses offered.

– Choose the online course as per the interest and capability, and its prospects and also for the value it will add for your career.

– Apply for the best college course program which is suitable to you.

– Check the ratings of the college and for the course they offer.

– Get proper details about the professors and teachers and their reputation.

– Check that it is a renowned university whether it is accredited and approved to offer that course.

– Choose the option according to the suitable time; give preference to flexible class hours.

– Seek enough information regarding fee structure, curriculum, material availability and such.

– Understand the policy of the college and get information about the time period of course.